Below are links to other websites with information about the PMOI and NLA,disinformation campaigns by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), and other sites with news and analysis on Iran: - (MOIS Disinformation) The website describes the vast disinformation campaign by Iran's government to undermine the Mojahedin.  It highlights attack websites, publications, and the use of secret intelligence agents to spread false information about the pro-democracy resistance organization. - (Mullah's War) The Mojahedin fought on the frontlines in the war with Iraq and later worked to end the conflict, as described in the website.  Iran's mullahs could have ended the war after 20 months but chose to continue the conflict.  It dragged on another six years, becoming the longest conventional war in the 20th century and one of the most devastating in the number of casualties and costs. - (MOIS Namecalling) The Mojahedin was founded to restore freedom and democracy in Iran.  SAVAK, the Shah's secret police, first mislabeled the group as Marxist to undercut support by the Iranian public, which is very devout.  The false description was then continued by Iran's mullahs in their propaganda campaigns.  This website sets the record straight and provides information on the Mojahedin's history and political aspirations.


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