The MOIS generates a wide range of printed materials that vilify the PMOI, including books, pamphlets, newsletters, and newspapers.  Many of the documents are published under the name of a former PMOI member recruited by the MOIS.

The materials are distributed to NGOs, government officials, and the media.  MOIS attack websites promote many of the books and, in some cases, provide annotated copies for downloading.

In 2008, the Honorable Lord Waddington received a book called "A terrorist group with different faces" and a letter that had no contact details.  The book's ISBN printing, it turned out, was a forgery.  Waddington sent a letter to his colleagues about the book, stating "it seems pretty clear that the MOIS are responsible for this book."1

Below are some of the books produced by the MOIS, or relay heavily on MOIS disinformation, that denounce the PMOI:




1) Letter from the Rt. Hon. Lord Waddington GCVO, DL, QC to his colleagues in the House of Lords.  February 28, 2008.