Javad Firouzmand

AKA - Afshin Boroumand, Mohammed Javad Firoozmand

Javad Firouzmand was a member of the National Liberation Army when he was arrested in July 2001 by Iraqi authorities after leaving Camp Ashraf in a stolen vehicle.  Inside were weapons, communication gear, and money belonging to the PMOI.  The police wanted to prosecute Firouzmand.  He expressed remorse and pleaded with the PMOI to allow him to return to the compound.  They consented, intervened on his behalf, and brought him back to Camp Ashraf.1

In April 2004, Firouzmand tried to sneak out of the compound, which at the time was under the control of U.S. forces.  Why he tried to do so is unknown.  There was no restriction to leaving the facility and persons only had to complete a specified interview process before departure was granted.  Firouzmand was apprehended by guards and on March 9, 2005 he was repatriated to Iran.

Soon thereafter Firouzman appeared in Europe, claiming to have been a senior member of the PMOI.  In July 2005, Firouzman participated in a press conference in Paris with MOIS agent Karim Haqqi.  Firouzman alleged he had escaped from Camp Ashraf and had returned to Iran with the assistance of the International Red Cross.  He also claimed he had illegally escaped from Iran, traveled to Turkey, and finally made his way to Europe.


In June 2007, Firouzmand and other MOIS agents were scheduled to attend a meeting in Paris.  Several Iranian dissidents at the site were attacked and wounded.  The police arrested Hossein Sobhani and two other MOIS agents and the meeting was cancelled.

Also at the meeting were Jahangir Shadanlou, Masoud Khoddabandeh, Anne Singleton, Mehdi Khoshhal, Ali Qashqavi, Hossein Sobhini, and Hadi Shams Haeri. 

1) “Iranian Intelligence Agent Sent to France to Conspire Against Iranian Resistance.”  July 9, 2005.


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