Massoud Khodabandeh

Massoud Khodabandeh was born in Tehran in 1956.  A year after finishing high school (1975), he traveled to Britain to attend Newcastle Polytechnic, majoring in electrical engineering. 

Massoud said he joined the Muslim Iranian Students Society in 1981, which supported the PMOI.  He claims he traveled to Kurdistan to help set up radio equipment to broadcast “Radio Mojahed” into Iran, and in 1986 traveled to PMOI camps on the Iraq-Iran border. 

In 1990, Massoud wrote to the PMOI about his return to drugs and lack of motivation to continue.

"Before I approached the organization (PMOI), among the thousand other things I did, I also used drugs...When I went to the (Iraq-Iran) border, I gradually forgot about the habit.  But, during this period that I have been abroad, I feel...that I am backtracking day by day. I use different methods to escape the reality I'm in, from doing all the wrong things, impeding efforts, and in the end, again drugs.  Right now, I don't know why, but during this time, I have gone back to drugs on a number of occasions."

In 1993, Massoud announced his intention to leave the PMOI and he returned to Europe.  He met Anne Singleton in 1997 and they married soon thereafter. 

Massoud said he worked as a telecom engineer for several years.  In 1998, he traveled to Singapore for the International Labour Confederation, where he met representatives of the MOIS, according to Ebriham, his brother:

“It was then that Massoud Khodabandeh was recruited and began to act as an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence. His instructions were to act against the Iranian opposition and refugees living in Britain and other parts of Europe."1

 In 2001, Khodabandeh and Singleton established the website Iran-Interlink. 

In November 2005, Khodabandeh tried to use Iran-Interlink to organize a meeting in a building of the British Parliament to distribute information about the PMOI.  “They were not ultimately permitted to hold the meeting, because of disquiet amongst Parliamentarians, and moved the meeting to a hotel." Lord Corbett issued the following statement on the incident:

"The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom has been informed that known agents of the Iranian Ministry known as Iran-Interlink, a suspected group related to the mullahs’ regime, are supposed to have a conference on November 10, 2005, in Fielden House in Westminster.  These people have been dispatched to justify the Iranian regime President’s remarks inciting terrorism….Their hysteric accusations about the People’s Mohahedin Organization of Iran is indicative of the success of the Iranian resistance in revealing nuclear deception of the mullahs, their responsibility for killing British military forces in Iraq, and increasing human rights abuses."3

In 2008, Khodabandeh created a company called Middle East Strategy Consultants.  He is the director and Singleton is billed as the assistant director.  The company states it can “provide start-up, management, and public relations for a variety of projects.” 

Khodabandeh claims the company’s offices “are found throughout North America, European cities, as well as major Middle Eastern Capitals.”  The only address listed, however, is a post office box in Leeds, UK.


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