Tehran Times

Tehran Times (whois) is an English language newspaper established in 1979, following the Islamic Revolution.  In 2002, the newspaper set up a news service that later was renamed the Mehr News Agency (MNA).

Tehran Times describes itself as a “reliable news source for hundreds of foreign media outlets.”  But in reality, news outlets only on occasion make reference to an item from the newspaper.

Over a five year period (2008-13), Tehran Times was mentioned ten times by the New York Times, three times by the Washington Post, and five times by the Associated Press.

Articles from the Tehran Times are often displayed on MOIS attack websites.  Examples of stories from the paper appearing on Irandidban.com are:

    • “Intl. Reporters Visit Camp Ashraf For the First Time.”  (No date)
    • “MKO Says Last Convoy Will Move From Camp Ashraf on Sept. 12.” (No date)
    • “Maryam Rajavi’s Interpreter Says Tareq al-Hashemi Had Ties With MKO.” (No Date)

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