Fars News Agency

The Fars News Agency (whois), established in 2003, claims to be an “independent news agency” that presents “unbiased news from Iran.” 

In the Western press, FNA is usually referred to as “state-run” and a “semi-official” news outlet.  Others have described it as a “mouthpiece” of the Iranian government.  An article in the Wall Street Journal links FNA with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps.1

Although legitimate news organizations do not reproduce FNA articles in newspapers, they on occasion lift a quote for use in a news story to present the government's position on an issue. 

In contrast, FNA articles are regularly posted in their entirety on MOIS attack websites.  

FNA articles on Iran-Interlink.com

    • “Germany Supports MKO Expulsion from Iraq.”  (2/24/2013)
    • “Iraq to Try MKO Terrorists in Absentia.”  February 13, 2013.
    • “Iran Denies Link with Rocket Attack on Mojahedin Khalq’s Camp Liberty.” (2/12/2013)
    • “Iraqi Officials Find Mass Grave in MKO’s Previous Camp.”  (2/4/2013)

FNA articles on IranDidban.com

    • “Maliki Asks UN to Accelerate Expulsion of MKO Members From Iraq.”  Translation of Ashraf News.  (No date)
    • “Germany Supports MKO Expulsion From Iraq.”  (No date)
    • “Iran Opposes Any Move That Undermines Iraq’s Security.” (No date)
    • “Iraqi Deputy FM: No Country Willing to Shelter MKO Terrorists.”  (No date)
    • “Defections on the Rise, the MKO in Decline.”  (No date)

FNA articles on Pars-Iran.com

      • “A MKO Spy Sentenced.”  (No date)
      • “Germany Supports MKO Expulsion from Iraq.”  (2/24/2013)

Over a five year period (2008-13), the FNA was referenced in 210 news stories in the New York Times, 122 times in the Washington Post, and 238 times by the Associated Press.


1) “Iran Says Amiri Spied on US.”  Wall Street Journal.  July 21, 2010.

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