(whois), created on October 26, 2004, is managed by Hossein Kord Rostami and Mahin (Parvin-Mahrokh) Haji, both MOIS agents.1

As with other MOIS attack websites, the articles posted on Pars-Iran are all pernicious distortions of the PMOI.  There is no attempt to offer counterviews to provide balance in the articles.

Nor is there transparency.  The website is registered anonymously and no information is made available on the site’s sponsorship.  Clicking onto the button “About Us” on the home page takes the reader to a blank page. 

Pars-Iran is directly linked to the below websites, all of which are MOIS managed:


Pars-Iran promotes various reports and books, including “Survivors Report” and “Saddam’s Private Army,” publications by Anne Singleton and her husband, Massoud Khodabandeh. 

Numerous articles on Pars-Iran originate from other MOIS websites and Iranian government-run information services, including:

    • Fars News Agency
    • Press TV
    • Nejat Society
    • Sahar Family Foundation
    • Mojahedin, ws

Below are examples of articles from other MOIS sources posted on Pars-Iran:

    • “Whoops! What a Big Gaffe in the US Report! Did Pentagon Lobby for Mojahedin Khalq?”  (2/21/ 2013)
    • “Sham Report Exposes Mojahedin Khaq (MEK, MKO)’s Isolation in Washington.”  (1/25/ 2013)
    • “Mass Grave in Camp Ashraf Contains Executed Mojahedin Khalq Leaders and Cadres.” (1/11/2013)

Press TV

    • “United States Uses MKO to Spread Terror and Chaos.”  (1/20/ 2013)
    • “US Congress Members Meet MKO Terrorists in Paris.”  (2/18/2013)
    • “Anti-Iranian MKO Terror Group Receives UK Support.”  (1/9/2013)

Nejat Society

    • “Iraq Wants Rehabilitated Iran Terror Group Out.”  Western Bloggers. (2/19/2013)
    • “The Attacks that Promote MKO Cause.”  (2/12/2013)
    • “We Witnessed the Massacre of Kurds by MKO.”  (1/30/2013)
    • “Defectors Bugging the Rajavis.”  (1/27/2013)

Sahar Family Foundation

    • “Letter of Sahar Family Foundation to Mr. Martin Kobler.” (2/8/2013)

Mojahedin WS

    • “Suppression of Kurds, Mojahedin Khalq Crime Against Humanity.”  (1/31/2013)
    • “MKO Ex-Members Provide Testimony to Kurd Genocide.”  (1/5/2013)

Fars News Agency

    • “Iraqi Deputy FM: No Country Willing to Shelter MKO Terrorists.”  (1/23/2013)
    • “Unearthed Mass Graves Prove MKO-Al Qaeda Collaboration.”  (1/14/2013)

Mojahedin Monitor

    • “Maryam Rajavi Not Welcome in Spain.”  (1/16/2013)

1) “Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Agents Dispatched to the U.S. to Conspire Against Iranian Dissidents and Refugees.”  Committee Against Ahmadinejad. 

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