Sahar Family Foundation describes itself as a “non-political” NGO established to “provide humanitarian aid to the families of members of the Mohahedin-e Khalq Organization MKO).”

Its website’s (whois) ownership is concealed. was registered on February 8, 2008, through Domain ID Shield Service Company in Hong Kong, which blocks public access to the registrant and other key information.

While Sahar Family Foundation claims its members are all volunteers, no names of executives or staff members are made available.  The Saharngo website lists a Baghdad phone number but no address.  

SaharNgo articles regularly appear on other MOIS attack websites.  Below, for example, are stories posted on Iran-Interlink:

    • “Inhabitants of Camp Liberty Do Not Enjoy the Minimum of Security Under Rajavi.” (3/16/2013).
    • “Beware of Mojahedin Khalq.” (3/15/ 2013)
    • “The True Nature of the Assault Against Camp Liberty in Iraq.” (3/13/2013)
    • “Letter of Sahar Family Foundation to Mr. Martin Kobler.” (2/1/2013)

ShaharNgo stories on Pars-Iran:

    • “Mr. Teymur Khattar and Mrs. Khatter Appeal to the Iraqi Legal Authorities.”  (3/2/2013)

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