offers few details about its sponsorship and operation.  The blog has been active at least since September 2012, the date of the earliest article posted on the site.

Mojahedin Monitor says its articles are produced by a team of “experts, researchers and an ex-member of Mojahedin Khalq.”  But no names are provided, no address, no phone number, not even an email contact.

Over a seven month period (10/2012 to 4/2013), just seven articles appeared on the blog, two of which were generated by Iran-Interlink and one by

Articles with the Mojahedin Monitor byline are widely reposted on other MOIS websites.  Examples include:


    • “Mojahedin Khlaq Terrorist Group Sends Fake Letters to International Organizations.” (3/6/2013)
    • “A Campaign that Rajavi Does Not Like.”  (2/26/ 2013)

    • “MEK Shoked by Diplomats Visits to Liberty.” (No date)

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