The Nejat Society or “Rescue Society” was established on September 7, 1998, by the MOIS to “save victims of Rajavi’s destructive cult.”  Its website (whois) was registered in September 2003.

As with other MOIS attack websites, details on the site’s ownership are not provided.  The Nejatngo domain name is registered through PrivacyProtect, which keeps registration information hidden.

Nejat claims to be an NGO but offers minimal data about itself.  Its website offers no address or phone number.  Nejat distributes a newsletter that lists a post office box (#14145/119 in Tehran) and a fax number (88 96-10 31).

Nejat Society says it “founded by some of the former members of the cult” but provides no names or biographical material.  The organization appears to have no board members, executives, or staff members.

The website posts articles from Iranian government-sponsored news outlets (Press TV, Fars News Agency, Tehran Times, Mehr News Agency) and other MOIS websites (Habilian, Mojahedin Monitor,, Iran-Interlink, etc.).

Nejat provides minimal transparency yet declares that “Honesty and stating the truth include the main mission of Nejat Society.”  It further claims that “The statements and information published by Nejat Society are totally based on undeniable documents and evidences.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The MOIS articles posted on Nejat’s website are disinformation, designed to mislead readers.  They are easily identifiable as propaganda because they are all attacks and offer no balance.  Nejat Society states that it “condemns any violent action seriously and denies any contact with the organizations that use violence to achieve their goals.” Not surprisingly, the website fails to mention anything about the Iranian mullah's history of violence and torture.

Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism and uses violence to achieve its goals. The Nejat Society offers no condemnation of the government's brutality, while posting articles from state-run media outlets that promote the mullah's agenda.

Nejat articles are widely posted on other MOIS websites.  Below are some examples:

    • “High Priority for the MKO: Save the Cult or Save the Members’ Lives?” (3/28/2013)
    • “European Intellectual Views on the Cult of Rajavi – Part 5.” (3/9/2013)
    • “The MKO Not Able to Whitewash its Bloody History.” (3/12/2013)
    • “Memoirs of Nasrin Ebrahimi, MKO Ex-Member – Part 3.” (3/5/2013)
    • “Belgium to Host MKO Member.” (3/4/2013)
    • “MKO Losing the Opportunity to Run its New Plot.”  (2/17/2013)

    • “Belgium to Host MKO Members.”  (No date)
    • “The Fifth Person to Leave TTL in the Past Weeks.”  (No date)
    • “French Senator Writes Book to Denounce the MKO.”  (No date)

    •  “Camp Liberty Resembles a Prison?”  (11/20/2013).

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