(whois) or “Iran Watch” was created on November 18, 2002.

The website provides little transparency.  The registrant is Rayaneh Quds Razavi Inc., who may or may not be the sponsor.  

Most articles posted on Irandidban are not dated and some are unsourced.

The website manipulates articles written by legitimate news services.  It rewrites or  removes positive PMOI references or statements.  As examples, Irandidban eliminated the following sentences from Reuters’ articles:

‘“Revoking this designation [removing the MEK from the terrorist list] is the first step to rectify the misguided and disastrous policy of appeasing the religious fascism ruling Iran,’ Shahin Gobadi said in an email message, calling the MEK designation “a major obstacle to regime change’ in Iran.”1

Few people appear to visit  A counter alongside each article shows the number of visitors to each page.  Most articles show only 10-20 hits.

A majority of the articles posted on Irandidban are bylined by Habilian, Fars News Agency, Iran-Interlink, Tehran Times, and Press TV.

Articles by Irandidban occasionally appear on other attack websites.  Iran-Interlink posted an Irandidban article on February 8, 2013, titled “MEK Efforts to Chain Members in Liberty.”

1) “US to Drop Iranian MEK Group From Terrorist List: Officials.” Reuters.  September 21, 2012.


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