(whois), created on March 26, 2007, seeks to demonize the PMOI by linking the organization to cults and terrorism.

The website claims it was created by former members of a terrorist group.  Anne Singleton is the website’s registrant and her address in provided on the “contact” page.

The website appears unfinished.  No information is posted in the menu sections of “Individual Stories,” “Cult Issues,” and “Articles on Cults and Terrorism.”

CultsAndTerror alleges that “cult methodology and terror are inextricably linked.” 

The website states it was designed as a “starting point for anyone who wishes to find out more about the way terrorists are created.”  It says “Terror as a tool is not a simple act, it arises from complex thinking and highly sophisticated methods of manipulation of its actors.” 

While Singleton eagerly points a finger at the PMOI as a “terrorist cult,” she fails to provide any information about the Iranian regime, which is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.1

In its 2010 Country Reports on Terrorism, the U.S. State Department stated:

Iran "remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2010.  Iran's financial, material, and logistic support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia had a direct impact on international efforts to promote peace, threatened economic stability in the Gulf, and undermined the growth of democracy."

Given Singleton’s definition of terror, Iran’s mullahs are guilty of “complex thinking and highly sophisticated methods of manipulation of its actors.”  This would include the dissemination of disinformation on opponents to the regime such as the PMOI.


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