Habilian.com (whois) first registered on January 9, 2005, is the website for the Habilian Association, which describes itself as a human rights NGO that claims Iran has been the “biggest victim of terrorism.” 

The Habilian website offers no address or phone number.  The organization’s website domain registration is false.  The given address is “esteghrar tower, klp, klp, MY 12345.”

The director of Habilian Association is Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad.  No biographical information is provided on him or on other members of the organization.

The website displays numerous articles by Habilian, as well as from government-run news services (Press TV, Fars News Agency and Tehran Times) and MOIS sites (Nejat Society, Iran-Interlink.com). 

Below are examples of Habilian articles that appear on other MOIS attack websites:


    • “Iraqi Lawmaker: Iraqis’ Wounds Made by MKO Not Healed Yet.”  Ashraf News.  Habilian Association.  (3/5/2013).


    • “Albania Is In America’s Pocket.” (No date)
    • “Mukhtar Army Lying in Ambush for MKO.”  (No date)
    • “Ex-USAF Lieutenant: Rajavi Knows Little About Democracy.” (No date)
    • “Iraqi MP: MKO Debilitated in Iraq.”  (No date)
    • “American Analyst: MEK Is an Israeli Front Organization.” (No date)

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